City Releases Requirements For Construction Workers To Fulfill

The city issues requirements to builders for mandatory implementationAccording to the de Blasio administration, it will be a requirement for every construction worker to go through a 40 hours of safety training as part of a new law released.

The details of the number of hours and makeup of the course curriculum were some of the things that had been highly anticipated by the construction sector. There is no other choice but to comply with the new law before the next spring, even though there are certain provisions that have started.

In March, thousands of workers had been scheduled to take a 10-hour safety course certified by the federal Occupational safety and Health Administration. And before the close of the year every worker should have gone through a total of 30 hours of training. Once this law is fully phased in, workers will be required to take another extra 10 hours of course work certified by the city.
According to the buildings commissioner Rick Chandler, it is possible to prevent majority of the construction accidents, and for that reason, it is recommended for each worker to go through a safety training. However, the law does not cover workers that take part in low-risk projects such as interior renovations.

While in a hurry to pass the construction bill before the start of a new council term in January, the chamber delegated very controversial issues to a task force. But, it is reported by Crain in February that this body has only met once for some hours before approving the same disparate opinions which could impact a consensus, thereby leaving key decisions to the administration.

A 40 hour is the least stipulated by the law, which gave permission to the city to have up to 55 hours. This is something that the union construction groups had requested. The city approved course is going to concentrate on fall prevention which is the leading cause of on-site deaths.

Having created the outline of the curriculum, the city has bigger responsibilities. To look for sufficient people to teach and offer ample opportunity for workers to acquire their safety certification before the deadline. Although the curriculum for the federal courses exists, the city requires to develop its program and certify the training centers that would be used to teach the curriculum. The department is bound to release the above mentioned information within weeks, even though the city’s real estate lobby expressed some worry on whether the training capacity will be enough to fulfill the demand.

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