A Safe Workplace With Safety Consulting Firms

If you are planning to have a safe construction workplace then you can achieve it with the safety consulting firms. In order to have comfort in your work you should have a safe workplace. You cannot create a safe workplace on your own. There are some safety consulting firms which will provide you a safe workplace. A safe workplace is not only productive but also a successful workplace. You should create the safety culture and implement the practices and standards to have a secure environment Read More +

Construction Tools for Jobsite Safety

Job site safety is being taken even more seriously today. Not only is awareness growing, but increased regulatory enforcement and technological advancements are driving the personal protective equipment (PPE) market. In fact, this market is growing so much that Zion Research believes that the industry will be worth $56.06 billion by 2021. How Construction Safety Tools are Growing Today It’s a great time for construction safety devices. Due to its financial viability innovators are spending time and money developing some great construction safety tools today. Read More +

Important Reasons of Considering Safety Training of The Employees

Safety training programs are important for construction companies and their workers. Some of the crucial reasons for considering a standard safety training program for your employees include: Avoid accidents One of the most important things a good safety program ensures is a reduction of the number of accidents at the workplace. This will keep the workers safer and prevent any tragedies from happening. It will also avoid the construction companies protected from costly legal complexities. Improved quality standard While performing the core operations when the Read More +

Tips on Personal Safety While Working in Construction Sites

Construction site workers and laborers are constantly vulnerable to a range of hazards including but not limited to falls from buildings, scaffolding collapse, ladder slippage, and neglecting to put on or use personal safety equipment. On any working day, an estimated 6.5 million individuals are engaged in about 2, 52, 000 constructions sites throughout the country. Accidents and injuries that turn to be fatalistic leading to the death of workers or their becoming crippled so as to render them indisposed for employment are much higher Read More +

Watchdogs for Commercial Construction Forecast Job Growth and High Revenues

The US Chamber of Commerce together with the USG (United States Gypsum) Corporation has published surveys that strongly point towards the commercial construction sector’s development and growth in 2017. Commercial construction is experiencing a boom throughout the US making employers and contractors optimistic about a vertical expansion in the construction and building sector. The USG in cooperation with the US Chamber of Commerce releases a CCI index every 3 months or quarterly that throws light on the outlook and prospects pertaining to the construction sector Read More +

Details about Fall Protection Regulations That Construction Industry Employers and Workers Should Know

The month of June is regarded and observed as the ‘National Safety Month’ in the construction industry in America. So, it’d not be out of place to throw light on a specific aspect pertaining to ‘construction safety’ that has had the highest number of citations in the financial year 2015-fall protection. Elucidation on the intricacies and specifications pertaining to fall protection is expected to enlighten construction site worker as well as their employers. Awareness about the safety guidelines makes the construction sector companies and employees Read More +

Attempting to Underscore Construction Safety in terms of Numbers

Creating a conducive working environment for construction site workers and laborers is a prerequisite that cannot be compromised upon. The need to offer an environment where workers will feel safe and secure will be best comprehended by captains of the construction industry. However, almost all employers belonging to the construction will readily agree that the responsibility of keeping workers safe during work) is a complicated task. They’ve to keep abreast of a surfeit of laws to avoid getting caught on the wrong side of the Read More +

OSHA to Organize Annual Fall Prevention Awareness Conclave

Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA is scheduled to organize the 4th edition of the annual ‘National Fall Prevention Stand-Down’ conclave from 8th May till 12th May. OSHA was established by an act of Congress (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Act of 1970) with the overarching objective of ensuring healthy and safe working conditions for the workforce. The enforcement of work safety standards was sought to be achieved by disseminating information about the labor laws, providing training, and offering legal assistance. The stand-down Read More +

Maximizing Construction Site Safety

Ensuring job site safety when working in construction is a critical responsibility to not only the foreman and fellow workers, but, also to those in charge of and investing in any work site project. Believe it or not, there are on average 100,000 or more work-site injuries per year, many of which could have easily been prevented. In many cases, sufficient training, safety awareness, and proper preparation could have gone a long way in preventing said incidents. For starters, ensuring that each worker is up Read More +

BeamRunner is a personal anchoring device proudly made in the USA

BeamRunnerTM is a finely crafted, personal anchoring device designed to be carried and installed by one man with one hand. Following 10 years of research and development by Louis Cowin, a master machinist from Bohemia, NY, BeamRunnerTM solves the challenging anchoring issues faced by the ironworkers’ trade. Proudly made in the USA, the patented “mechanical force multiplier” designed in the stainless steel trigger grip and release activates two jaws with 4 1/16” conical teeth, which actually penetrate carbon steel for a grip capable of resisting Read More +