OSHA to Organize Annual Fall Prevention Awareness Conclave

Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA is scheduled to organize the 4th edition of the annual ‘National Fall Prevention Stand-Down’ conclave from 8th May till 12th May. OSHA was established by an act of Congress (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Act of 1970) with the overarching objective of ensuring healthy and safe working conditions for the workforce. The enforcement of work safety standards was sought to be achieved by disseminating information about the labor laws, providing training, and offering legal assistance. The stand-down Read More +

Maximizing Construction Site Safety

Ensuring job site safety when working in construction is a critical responsibility to not only the foreman and fellow workers, but, also to those in charge of and investing in any work site project. Believe it or not, there are on average 100,000 or more work-site injuries per year, many of which could have easily been prevented. In many cases, sufficient training, safety awareness, and proper preparation could have gone a long way in preventing said incidents. For starters, ensuring that each worker is up Read More +

BeamRunner is a personal anchoring device proudly made in the USA

BeamRunnerTM is a finely crafted, personal anchoring device designed to be carried and installed by one man with one hand. Following 10 years of research and development by Louis Cowin, a master machinist from Bohemia, NY, BeamRunnerTM solves the challenging anchoring issues faced by the ironworkers’ trade. Proudly made in the USA, the patented “mechanical force multiplier” designed in the stainless steel trigger grip and release activates two jaws with 4 1/16” conical teeth, which actually penetrate carbon steel for a grip capable of resisting Read More +

Fall Protection Calls For Safety First

Working on the job in construction and even other occupations calls for the right equipment and there is no substitution for the proper safety gear and professional conduct. The mot important step with safety is the professional safety mindset. That means being responsible, alert, well organized, competence, tool knowledge and more. If you have a problem being sloppy, bad communication, argumentative, disregarding of sound safety procedure, then you deserve the accident forthcoming. Construction is a serious business. You not only could harm yourself but others. Read More +

All Fall In For OSHA’s New Fall Protection Rules

November 17, 2016, the new general industry fall protection rules were issued by OSHA and will go into effect on Jan 17, 2017. This massive industry-wide set of guidelines is mandatory even with delays that should be sewn up by July 2017. The new rule is an update to the walking-working surfaces standards of the past 45 years known as (29 C.F.R. 1910 SubpartD) as well as the personal protective equipment standards (29 C.F.R. 1910 Subpart I). OSHA stands for the Occupational Safety and Health Read More +

The World’s Need For Construction Safety

Construction is one of if not the most dangerous occupation in the world. With giant skyscrapers and massive projects, it’s easy to get injured if one doesn’t work with the right safety protocols in place. The various countries and cultures around the world have sometimes different rules, different mindsets based on any number of reasons ranging from religion to just plain ignorance. For the past 100 years, construction safety technologies and methods have improved in the developed countries but not so in the underdeveloped countries. Read More +

Construction Safety And The Responsibility Of The Small Builder

Small builders have a lot of responsibility when it comes to their projects, and no other responsibility can be greater than construction safety. To ensure that one’s workers and subcontractors, as well as clients, are always on the right side of construction safety, many factors come into play to make sure things go smooth from beginning to end. Just as important as it is to start a project with blueprints and code protocols, the same goes for the workplace. The small contractor has to be especially careful as Read More +

Prevent Accidents With A Responsible Fall Protection Plan

Some people just don’t get it when it comes to construction safety. They think the can just ‘wing it’ and things will be alright. In truth, it takes a careful planning regimen and adherence to known and sound safety precautions that lead to a safe and efficient construction work environment. Construction brings in the most fatalities regarding work related accidents. It’s usually due to incompetence and greed. Many construction bosses want things done yesterday and that means sloppy and unsafe conditions. This really applies to Read More +

There’s Someone To Watch Over Your Job Safety

Every worker is basically responsible for their own safety while on the job. That can mean that everyone on the job site must be on the lookout for dangers to self and others. Management usually appoints a series of supervisors who specialize in one or more areas that call upon the use of materials and methods that avoid dangers. To facilitate this on a federal level is the OSHA or the Occupational Safety Health Act that was established in 1970. It seems a bit primitive Read More +

Construction Safety Is Foremost

We’ve all seen construction workers loaded down with protective gear like hard hats and safety goggles, harnesses and such. There’s a good reason for it because construction is dangerous work. Construction safety ranging from general accidents to fall protection happen regularly due to many factors. To avoid such tragic events the first step to construction safety is education. That’s where, listening to the supervisors and team leaders who’ve seen it all. They know more preventative measures than any newbie can imagine because it takes a Read More +