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Beam Runner Offers the Best Personal Anchoring Device and Fall Protection Equipment Solution That Fits Your Needs.

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What’s BeamRunner?

Finely crafted personal anchoring and fall protection device, proudly made in the USA, the patented “mechanical force multiplier” designed in the stainless steel trigger grip and release activates two jaws with 4 1/16” conical teeth, which actually penetrate carbon steel for a grip capable of resisting a 5,000-pound impact force.


Meets OSHA & ANSI requirements, exceeds AZ359 compliance requirements, Fully automatic locking mechanism protects against accidental release. Requires dual-action, 1-hand action to unlock. Solid-state eyelet for attaching mandatory shock-absorbing lanyard. Left & right-hand models allow for secure 100% tie-off.

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BeamRunnerTM is a finely crafted, personal anchoring device designed to be carried
and installed by one man with one hand.
BeamRunnerTM solves the challenging anchoring issues faced by the ironworkers’ trade.