A working mans protection with the BeamRunner

A working mans protection with the BeamRunnerIn today’s construction industry there are many job-site dangers. Unfortunately, many often lead to death when proper fall protection is not in place. Since there are so many varying complex scenarios and environments in which are required for construction, water, HVAC,  and electric workers this sort of prospective fall protection is highly desirable. Per OSHA standards, any workers in which are operating above 6 feet are required to utilized an accredited, personal anchoring device for safety. While most workers have lanyards or harness personal fall protection equipment. they often are not properly using it, or using it at all. Commonly, this is because there is no tie-off point for their personal anchoring device and it winds up interfering with their work, mobility, and even flexibility on the job.

A master mechanist and inventor from Long Island recently invented a 3 1/3lb stainless steel anchor device that allows for easy mobility, practical weight capacity and can handle a potential 5,000lb impact force, per OSHA standards. The personal anchoring device Beam Runner takes less than 10 seconds to hook on to any standard beam, and is easy to carry. This Beam  Runner is so unique because it increases fall protection more dynamically by allowing a hook-on feature to any horizontal, vertical, or diagonal steel structure.  Because an I-Beam is not always available or desirable for usage, the Beam Runner offers a unique alternative! This product comes with a thigh-mounted holster, and is easy to access in a safe manner. In fact, it is designed to be accessed and applied with only one hand for convenience, increasing safety and mobility of any individual using this product on the job.

The Beam Runner is a modern product that assures both increased personal fall protection, safety and profit for any businesses that invests in the usage of this modern personal anchoring device technology.

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