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About Us

BeamRunnerTM is a finely crafted, personal anchoring device designed to be carried and installed by one man with one hand. Following 10 years of research and development by Louis Cowin, a master machinist from Bohemia, NY, BeamRunnerTM solves the challenging anchoring issues faced by the ironworkers’ trade.

Proudly made in the USA, the patented “mechanical force multiplier” designed in the stainless steel trigger grip and release activates two jaws with 4 1/16” conical teeth, which actually penetrate carbon steel for a grip capable of resisting a 5,000-pound impact force.

Installing heavy, clumsy beam and column clamps is a challenge for workers 6 to 15 feet above a lower level. Even nylon anchor straps, beam wraps and cross-arm straps, although lightweight, require two hands to install and connect properly. Whenever and wherever a roofer or other tradesperson can locate a suitable structural feature capable of accepting and supporting a BeamRunnerTM, the problem of anchoring is solved. Once engaged properly by a trained employee, the BeamRunnerTM is both reliable and profitable, and that’s a hard combination to beat.

BeamRunnerTM will help you meet OSHA’s 100% tie-off requirements.

BeamRunnerTM was designed with the worker and safety in mind – simple to use and easy to carry. Beam RunnerTM is used in conjunction with the workers’ fall arrest equipment.

BeamRunnerTM is carried in a thigh-mounted holster and attaches to almost any structural steel in less than 10 seconds.