The Four Kinds Of Construction Fall Protection

Construction fall protection comes in two different types- active and passive. Those that use passive fall protection will find that they are safer than if they choose active fall protection. Passive types don’t require the construction worker to do anything, while active ones need some interaction in order for them to work as designed. Unfortunately, in the line of construction, it is hard to use these passive types as they may not be cost-effective or could not be possible to use. However, that does not Read More +

Stabilizers For High-Strength Concrete In Construction

In the construction industry, there are numerous pros to using extraordinary powerful concretes. Not only do workers find that they are a lot simpler to pump, but they also lay and compact much nicer than traditional concretes. To go with these positives, there are negatives. One such con is that they may not be as strong and as durable as the conventional concrete. However, one does not need to despair. In September in London, the Admixtures Symposium was sponsored by the Concrete Society. Master Builders Read More +

Things That Are Imperative For A Construction Project Manager To Do Prior To A Job

Prior to a job, there are a few things that are imperative for a construction project manager to do. These jobs can make a construction job go very smooth if completed as expected. While it is true that construction project managers do have a lot of jobs (estimated to be 120 to be exact!), these five jobs that we will be discussing will be ones that need to be done before anything else is. The very first thing the construction project manager needs to do Read More +

Top 3 Tips On Maintaining Construction Workers’ Safety During Summer

One of the most important aspects, often ignored on job sites, is maintaining workers’ safety during the hot summer months. And to do this, understanding the risks this season comes with is also essential! There are quite a few of them to which workers are exposed, which automatically means putting them in a risky situation. However, a first step to implementing a construction safety policy and assuring better working conditions is being aware of these risks. Therefore, let’s see which ones are the most common. Read More +

There’s A Big Need For A Change Regarding Safety In Construction

When it comes to construction work, one thing is clear: all companies want safe job sites. After all, incidents or injuries automatically attract emotional, psychological, as well as financial burdens, which are things nobody wants. Considering this, a lot of companies have made noticeable efforts in order to create safe work environments, by promoting a safety culture. But still, have we reached a level of construction safety that’s high enough for workers to be fully relaxed? Probably not. One of the first things companies should Read More +

The Risks Construction Companies Take When Building High Rises

There are many risks that construction companies take when building anything, especially high rises. Tall buildings come with many challenges when companies are building them. The top priority of these companies is the safety of their workers, but also the safety of others around the construction zone. And they also need to think about how safe the building will be once all of the building has ended. One of the main risks is construction workers falling while constructing the structure. However, there are things that Read More +

Winter Safety: Six Construction Rules To Live By

Winter can be a very hazardous time for construction sites. It may be icy and temperatures can plummet at any time. The best way to avoid any accidents or mishaps is to review your construction site safety policy with all your employees on a frequent basis. In this article, we will discuss the six construction site safety rules that you and your company should live by. The work site should be reviewed daily before any work starts by the supervisor. This will ensure that all Read More +

Fall Protection: What Kind Is Best For Your Company?

It is estimated that approximately 8% of all work-related injuries leading to death are from falls. OSHA states that between 150- 200 deaths are accounted for each year from falls, along with 100,000 injuries. Many of these falls could have been prevented. Some of these deaths may have happened because the fall protection used was either faulty, not used correctly, or not even used at all. Fall protection can be defined as using controls in order to protect employees from falling, or if they do Read More +

This Is How Women Can Make A Career In The Construction Industry

According to a report from the National Association of Women in Construction, just 9.1 per cent of the workers in the construction industry are women. But this is definitely not a surprise, considering that this is a field believed to be mostly for men… Still, times have changed and a lot of women are now considering making a career in this male-dominated industry. How? By following a few core principles, perfect for strengthening their careers! Standing out of the crowd is good! No matter the Read More +

There’s A Big Need For Construction Workers In Florida

It appears that the Florida construction workforce needs a serious boost nowadays, as seventy-nine percent of employers in the area revealed that they’re facing difficulties when it comes to filling “some or all” skilled trade positions. According to a new survey, revealed this Wednesday, which included 2,500 constructions firms, there are skilled worker shortages in all regions of the country, but the problem is becoming way more serious in Florida. To be more specific, in the Sunshine State, respondents are having difficulties filling hourly skilled Read More +