This Is How Women Can Make A Career In The Construction Industry

According to a report from the National Association of Women in Construction, just 9.1 per cent of the workers in the construction industry are women. But this is definitely not a surprise, considering that this is a field believed to be mostly for men… Still, times have changed and a lot of women are now considering making a career in this male-dominated industry. How? By following a few core principles, perfect for strengthening their careers! Standing out of the crowd is good! No matter the Read More +

5 Best Practices for Safety that Can Help Prevent Construction Accidents

There are umpteen adages and maxims that emphasize and embody the personality of an individual. Aphorisms like “clothes make a man”, “a man is known by the company he keeps” and “face is the index of mind” come instantly to mind. However, in the 21st century, professionalism has become the byword for exemplifying a man or woman’s persona. So, it’d not be out of place to express that ‘you’re what you do’ or to be precise, ‘what you do on a regular basis’. This truism Read More +

Height at Which Taking Fall Protection Measures Become Imperative

What is the minimum height at which construction workers or employees (engaged in risky jobs at elevated levels) should take fall protection measures and/or use fall safety equipment? Honestly speaking, there is no simple and straightforward answer as the minimum height normally varies from one industry to another. It’d have been much easier for OSHA to frame and enforce fall safety stipulations if the altitude was identical across-the-board. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) under US Dept. of Labor has specified the altitude level for Read More +

A Group of Sailors Ensure Safety in the Shipyard

Bremerton, United States, April 11, 2018 – Sailors aboard the aircraft carrier, USS Nimitz, can always be identified because they wear green ball caps and green crosses towards the backside of the helmets. As the group comprising of 17 sailors works in the safety department, it is responsible to deliver training through several safety programs. James Martinez, the damage controlman, stated that the group always makes sure that the ship is safe at every instance. The job is done efficiently only when everyone is safe Read More +

Challenges a Manager May Come Across at a Construction Site

Construction sites can be extremely dangerous especially when workers are using heavy construction equipment during the day. But, some dangers may not be obvious and can eventually lead to injuries. So, in order to create a safe construction environment, it’s always essential to protect the construction workers and go ways beyond the standard safety rules. To help you out in a much better way, you can have a look at a list of common construction safety challenges. Different perception of risks People may not be Read More +

A Safe Workplace With Safety Consulting Firms

If you are planning to have a safe construction workplace then you can achieve it with the safety consulting firms. In order to have comfort in your work you should have a safe workplace. You cannot create a safe workplace on your own. There are some safety consulting firms which will provide you a safe workplace. A safe workplace is not only productive but also a successful workplace. You should create the safety culture and implement the practices and standards to have a secure environment Read More +

Construction Tools for Jobsite Safety

Job site safety is being taken even more seriously today. Not only is awareness growing, but increased regulatory enforcement and technological advancements are driving the personal protective equipment (PPE) market. In fact, this market is growing so much that Zion Research believes that the industry will be worth $56.06 billion by 2021. How Construction Safety Tools are Growing Today It’s a great time for construction safety devices. Due to its financial viability innovators are spending time and money developing some great construction safety tools today. Read More +

Protect Yourself from Falls

Falls are a common cause of serious injury at work, often resulting in avoidable deaths. The sad reality is that many of the serious injuries and deaths that result from falls today are the result of not following proper regulations or best practices when it comes to safety. OSHA has a long list of rules that workplaces need to follow depending on their type of business, but even beyond that there are usually additional best practices aimed at reducing the risk of injury and occupational Read More +

Evaluating Workplace Hazards: Fall Incidents on the Rise

More and more companies are, sadly, not only facing increased fatalities of their workers on job sites, but likewise an increase in lawsuits or otherwise accidental scenarios which lead to unwanted and costly negative public reputation—often leading to or including license removal, and even termination! Workplace hazards are seemingly being neglected, not taken seriously enough, or responsibly when it comes to the winning-bidder and his or her intentions in creating a safer work environment for the workers in which one employs on said job site. Read More +

OSHA Crackdowns on Work Environment Violations

While 2015 was not absent by any means of work-code and safety oriented violations, a most recent incident caused OSHA to cite a company in North Dakota $105,000 for failing to ensure multiple situational-awareness and safety hazards were in place, that proper personal protective gear was in place, and that work-hazards were minimized. While not uncommon, such instances seem to be on the rise in the past several years—or at least are becoming more easily reported and traceable. An unsecured forklift platform was partially to Read More +