Construction Projects Types And Their Distinctive Traits

Construction Projects Types And Their Distinctive TraitsThis blog gives you a lowdown on the construction projects types complete with the distinctive traits or characteristics that underscore each kind. Any discussion on construction will be incomplete and superficial if the conversation or debate does not take into consideration or focuses on the various kinds of construction. The word ‘construction’ has a dual connotation-when used as a noun, the expression means any edifice or structure built using manpower and machines/equipment.

Alternatively, when used as a verb, construction implies the modus- operandi of erecting or building a simple or complex structure. In this context, a typical construction project incorporates all the activities and materials that are indispensable for creating and assembling a structure (an office complex or mansion). Such a project will cover electrical, mechanical, foundations, and preparatory work, and all other relevant work essential to see the scheme through completion.

Most of the construction projects are normally grouped under anyone of the following two broad categories:
1. Industrial construction
2. Building construction

The construction types falling under the two aforementioned listings could more often than not coincide or overlap, making it cumbersome to distinguish one type from the other. Nevertheless, each and every type has its own distinct procedures relating to ‘planning’, ‘design’, ‘execution’ and ‘mandatory permits’.

Industrial Construction

Though rarer than building construction, industrial construction is nevertheless remarkably significant with regards to the construction industry. Construction projects normally listed under this category comprise:
• Refineries
• Power Plants
• Factories and Industrial Units

Large construction firms generally embark on the above types of projects which are entrusted to them by multinational corporations and conglomerates. Specialized construction skills and extensive experience is imperative for effective completion of such large-scale and turnkey projects. No wonder then, these types of projects are delegated or handed over mostly to large organizations.

At the same time, it is of paramount importance that any such project should be executed in a manner that the finished structure is impeccable from the perspective of design. Even the most (apparently) inconspicuous of design flaw could lead to a perilous or hazardous situation in the near future. The safety of construction workers is another vital aspect that too should be taken into consideration.

Industrial construction projects calls for meticulous planning at every stage and coordinated teamwork as well. At any given time, you’ll find several laborers and project coordinators working in close coordination at the sites. Only a large construction company can provide the infrastructure and manpower necessary for handling industrial projects.

Building construction

More than 80% of the construction projects in the industry comprise building construction. Though the majority of such projects include renovations and refurbishments, large projects like skyscrapers and high-rises also make up a significant proportion. Building construction is segregated into two sub-divisions (for the sake of convenience):
• Commercial construction
• Residential construction

Commercial structures usually comprise skyscrapers, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, gas stations, banks, office and business complexes, and so on. Building and completing such structures takes a long time and hence are more expensive. Commercial (building) construction is by and large executed by big firms owing to the complex nature of such projects.

Residential construction, on the other hand, includes the erection of apartments, dormitories, condos, town homes, mansions, and nursing homes. The construction or building contractor has to comply with a web of codes and regulations while undertaking a residential project.

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