Construction Tools for Jobsite Safety

How Construction Safety Tools are Growing TodayJob site safety is being taken even more seriously today. Not only is awareness growing, but increased regulatory enforcement and technological advancements are driving the personal protective equipment (PPE) market. In fact, this market is growing so much that Zion Research believes that the industry will be worth $56.06 billion by 2021.

How Construction Safety Tools are Growing Today

It’s a great time for construction safety devices. Due to its financial viability innovators are spending time and money developing some great construction safety tools today. This has resulted in some big strides – look at how drones have taken off so they’re now highly relied on for monitoring safety.

One of the most exciting innovations in the realm of construction safety devices is one that was first seen in “The Terminator” in 1984. In that movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cyborg saw a heads-up display in his vision. Today, this technology is known as augmented reality. You see it in gaming (e.g., Pokémon Go), retail, and now on construction sites where it’s primarily used for training. Here instructors overlay warnings and instructions on a machine’s control panel so their new employees can easily learn these things.

Construction Safety Tools for Job Site Safety

With how far construction safety tools have come today, it’s interesting to take note of these things. Some of the great construction safety devices that have been developed recently include:
• HoistCam’s HC120 Mini Wireless Camera is a construction safety device that allows crane operators to have more situational awareness so that what’s going on around and under their cab is more visible to them. Since you can install and watch as many as 8 cameras at a time blind spots are effectively eliminated.
• AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions weather app is a construction safety tool that provides accurate information about the weather at your job site. It uses a combination of NWS data, proprietary modeling, and historical data so you only have an 11% chance of shutting down a job site due to a false alarm – compared to a 70% chance when using data from the National Weather Service (NWS).
• Partial and fully autonomous technology is a construction safety device that really is safer to use than human-powered technology. This is why driverless (a.k.a. autonomous) vehicles are growing in popularity today.
• The V-Watch® Personal Voltage Detector is a construction safety tool that you wear around your neck (at heart level) so you know if electrical fields or energized equipment are present. Simply listen for beeping and you’ll know if you come across any deadly electrical fields. This is an especially great tool for anyone who’s involved in demolition, emergency response or electrical work.
Many people are anxious to take a look at these when the 2018 ConExpo’s Tech Experience takes place. Of course, there are probably many others that you’ll also want to take a look at – including Zippkool (fan-cooled work clothes), body cameras, and Oasis welfare cabins (providing for your employees’ well being while they’re working on your job site). Many people believe that tools with cameras, especially those that fly, drive or dig will be popular.

Regardless of what all the rage is about, one construction safety device that you definitely don’t want to be without is the Beam Runner. This is a personal anchoring device that you can carry with you in just one hand. With 10+ years of research and development by Louis Cowin, a master machinist from Bohemia, NY the tool consists of a 4 1/16” conical jaw and a stainless steel trigger grip. As such, the tool can resist a 5,000 lbs. impact, which is why you should add this to your safety tool arsenal today.

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