Fall Protection Calls For Safety First

Fall Protection Calls For Safety FirstWorking on the job in construction and even other occupations calls for the right equipment and there is no substitution for the proper safety gear and professional conduct.

The mot important step with safety is the professional safety mindset. That means being responsible, alert, well organized, competence, tool knowledge and more. If you have a problem being sloppy, bad communication, argumentative, disregarding of sound safety procedure, then you deserve the accident forthcoming. Construction is a serious business. You not only could harm yourself but others. Lose money and time. Raise insurance rates and in some cases go to jail. All jobs where safety is a priority should be held with high respect and then you’ll have established a sound safety foundation.

Tools: Always use the right tools for the right job. Keep tools organized at all times and put in the proper places with safety caps and guards in place. Clean those tools and do not interchange parts if you’re not an expert at tool modification. Make sure anyone using the tools is certified to operate them and never use a powerful tool if you’ve yourself not been trained. Make sure all safety instructions written for that particular tool are clearly understood.

See that work area signs are posted clearly for all to view. Most warning signs are generic but sometimes you may need something extra. Make sure the work area is clean too. No nails of screws or bolts lying about. The work area should allow for a quick glance by all workers so as not to cause confusion. Food and beverages should be out of the way and do what’s necessary to avoid spills as someone could slip and fall.

Talking about food, you should have a full and nutritious breakfast or whatever you eat before you start working so the food has digested some and you’ve now got enough energy to do your job. Same goes with water. Some people almost bleed coffee but water is more important to have at the ready. If you or others use prescriptions then make sure they don’t cause drowsiness or other problems.

Make sure your team communications are clear and well heard. Don’t try to outshout a machine but anything that goes on one must report immediately to superiors. The slightest infraction if left unaddressed to grow into a full blown dilemma in no time.

As for yourself, keep your certification up to date. Take whatever classes you have to and don’t slip up on upgrades. As mentioned earlier, make sure your colleagues do too.

Finally, demand excellence when it comes to safer and demands it from others as well. Don’t work for a company that is sloppy in any degree, they don’t get proper certification, they ignore sound advice. It’s better to walk away than to end all chance of ever walking again. Safety, especially construction fall protection are everybody’s responsibility. The time you take now to keep one another safe is a leg up on a safe and rewarding work experience.

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