Prevent Accidents With A Responsible Fall Protection Plan

Some people just don’t get it when it comes to construction safety. They think the can just ‘wing it’ and things will be alright. In truth, it takes a careful planning regimen and adherence to known and sound safety precautions that lead to a safe and efficient construction work environment. Construction brings in the most fatalities regarding work related accidents. It’s usually due to incompetence and greed. Many construction bosses want things done yesterday and that means sloppy and unsafe conditions. This really applies to Read More +

There’s Someone To Watch Over Your Job Safety

Every worker is basically responsible for their own safety while on the job. That can mean that everyone on the job site must be on the lookout for dangers to self and others. Management usually appoints a series of supervisors who specialize in one or more areas that call upon the use of materials and methods that avoid dangers. To facilitate this on a federal level is the OSHA or the Occupational Safety Health Act that was established in 1970. It seems a bit primitive Read More +

Construction Safety Is Foremost

We’ve all seen construction workers loaded down with protective gear like hard hats and safety goggles, harnesses and such. There’s a good reason for it because construction is dangerous work. Construction safety ranging from general accidents to fall protection happen regularly due to many factors. To avoid such tragic events the first step to construction safety is education. That’s where, listening to the supervisors and team leaders who’ve seen it all. They know more preventative measures than any newbie can imagine because it takes a Read More +

An Ounce Of Prevention

Safety comes first. Dangerous occupations can bring about disabling or even fatal results. That being said, fall protection is one of the foremost injuries. Whether in the home or out in the field doing business, a fall can mean lots of trouble and capital. One has to take responsibility for one’s accident proneness. Paying attention, not working while under the influence of alcohol and drugs, and following safety guidelines means for a safer and more productive work experience overall. This should be an axiom but Read More +

3M Teams up with OSHA to Protect Workers

Safety and OSHA, to provide the most up to date training, seminars, equipment familiarization and more, with a wide variety of various employers and general labor employees. Fall protection–unfortunately–is not being taken seriously enough, and in lieu of this representative through statistics is an ever increasing annual death-rate related to unsafe working conditions, a lack of personal protective equipment installation or adequate utilization, and in turn hazardous conditions and construction-based falls that commonly lead to serious, and even fatal injuries on the job. Although there Read More +

How Important is Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Whenever you have people working for you, there is the risk that something happens to them while on duty that causes injury. Whether it is by pure chance or due to systems with inappropriate safety cautions, this puts you and your company at risk. Workers compensation insurance may help hedge against this risk and keep you protected in the case that something happens. Some states go so far as to require all companies to have workers’ compensation insurance- if you are in one of those Read More +

Protect Yourself from Falls

Falls are a common cause of serious injury at work, often resulting in avoidable deaths. The sad reality is that many of the serious injuries and deaths that result from falls today are the result of not following proper regulations or best practices when it comes to safety. OSHA has a long list of rules that workplaces need to follow depending on their type of business, but even beyond that there are usually additional best practices aimed at reducing the risk of injury and occupational Read More +

Evaluating Workplace Hazards: Fall Incidents on the Rise

More and more companies are, sadly, not only facing increased fatalities of their workers on job sites, but likewise an increase in lawsuits or otherwise accidental scenarios which lead to unwanted and costly negative public reputation—often leading to or including license removal, and even termination! Workplace hazards are seemingly being neglected, not taken seriously enough, or responsibly when it comes to the winning-bidder and his or her intentions in creating a safer work environment for the workers in which one employs on said job site. Read More +

OSHA Crackdowns on Work Environment Violations

While 2015 was not absent by any means of work-code and safety oriented violations, a most recent incident caused OSHA to cite a company in North Dakota $105,000 for failing to ensure multiple situational-awareness and safety hazards were in place, that proper personal protective gear was in place, and that work-hazards were minimized. While not uncommon, such instances seem to be on the rise in the past several years—or at least are becoming more easily reported and traceable. An unsecured forklift platform was partially to Read More +

A working mans protection with the BeamRunner

In today’s construction industry there are many job-site dangers. Unfortunately, many often lead to death when proper fall protection is not in place. Since there are so many varying complex scenarios and environments in which are required for construction, water, HVAC,  and electric workers this sort of prospective fall protection is highly desirable. Per OSHA standards, any workers in which are operating above 6 feet are required to utilized an accredited, personal anchoring device for safety. While most workers have lanyards or harness personal fall Read More +