There’s A Big Need For A Change Regarding Safety In Construction

There’s A Big Need For A Change Regarding Safety In ConstructionWhen it comes to construction work, one thing is clear: all companies want safe job sites. After all, incidents or injuries automatically attract emotional, psychological, as well as financial burdens, which are things nobody wants.

Considering this, a lot of companies have made noticeable efforts in order to create safe work environments, by promoting a safety culture. But still, have we reached a level of construction safety that’s high enough for workers to be fully relaxed?

Probably not.

One of the first things companies should be aware of is that construction safety is much more than inspections and incident management. In fact, it should put safety management into a completely different business vertical than it’s been until recently.

Top construction businesses have already begun integrating safety, as well as operations because they are aware of the need to match the natural motions of how job sites operate and implement safe practices. Because, of course, as long as you integrate construction safety into pre-construction, but also daily operations, you will shortly start noticing increased operational efficiency, but also a reduced risk rate.

What’s one solution? Streamlining risky everyday operations

Obviously, technology can help. A lot! For example, both enrollments and orientations should be done online, before actually stepping on site, then integrated with all the required stuff, like worker licenses, permits or time tracking.

Once arrived on site, the managers can verify the identity of the workers, alongside their credentials, then approve them. By this, the amount of time wasted with paperwork can be reduced.

And this is not everything!

A lot of attention should be paid to new processes for permit zones. For example, using technology, better digital safeguards can be implemented to permit exclusion zones. Workers can sign in and out electronically, while a photo of them will be taken in both moments. Sure, for some this could sound a bit too much, but it’s just a way of ensuring that all safety processes have been carefully followed.

Right now, on some sites, apps and various software are used, but there’s still a long way until they can notably improve construction safety. For the moment, managers should focus on changing at least a part of workers’ daily habits, in order to make sure that safety becomes one of their core values and they are open to any solution that can help them achieve this goal.

Software solutions are good, but in some cases, nothing compares to a practical solution, which is able to make sure that a worker can avoid a dangerous situation.

The Beam Runner is considered one of the best personal anchoring and fall protection equipment solutions. Designed with stainless steel and featuring two jaws with conical teeth, it can resist a 5000-pound impact force, not to mention that the fully automatic locking mechanism protects against any type of accidental release, meeting all compliance requirements.

Finely crafted, this personal anchoring device could be the first step your company does regarding increasing construction safety!

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