There’s A Big Need For Construction Workers In Florida

There’s  A Big Need For Construction Workers In FloridaIt appears that the Florida construction workforce needs a serious boost nowadays, as seventy-nine percent of employers in the area revealed that they’re facing difficulties when it comes to filling “some or all” skilled trade positions.

According to a new survey, revealed this Wednesday, which included 2,500 constructions firms, there are skilled worker shortages in all regions of the country, but the problem is becoming way more serious in Florida. To be more specific, in the Sunshine State, respondents are having difficulties filling hourly skilled work positions, this leading to increased project costs, but also delayed work schedules for construction firms.

“Labor shortages are significant and widespread,” said Ken Simonson, chief economist for Associated General Contractors of America.

In the construction business, there’s a big demand for pipe layers, welders, drywall installers, bricklayers, and electricians, while other positions, like iron and concrete workers, but also installers, are also dealing with personnel shortage.

Most Florida constructions firms that participated in the survey said they are currently losing their skilled workers to their competitors. And this happens despite 77 percent of them saying that the pay was increased, while 43 percent of them are even offering hiring signing or referral bonuses, as well as employee benefits.

On the other hand, it’s no secret that companies aren’t actually paying workers enough, not to mention that they aren’t training them – most of them doing this as a way of reducing costs-, so the loss to competitors in a tight labor market shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Currently, more than 55 percent of Florida construction employers are having a rough time hiring salaried workers – including professionals like project managers, architects or even engineers. Basically, there’s a crisis of people in all domains related to construction!

However, things won’t be left like this, as companies in Florida are planning to hire for expansions. To be more specific, 82 percent of them will be looking after hourly skilled workers, 71 percent after salaried office workers, 70 percent for salaried field workers, and last but not least, more than half of the companies will be interested in hourly office workers. However, if they will manage to fill all the available positions remains to be seen in the future.

The survey that revealed all these numbers can be considered a “Call for action” aiming to improve the construction labor pipeline, but also a sign that most companies should consider offering better work conditions, no matter if we’re talking about payment or increased safety at the workplace.

When it comes to construction workers, security should come first, this is why all companies should consider making the use of a personal anchoring device, as well as fall protection equipment, mandatory.

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