Things That Are Imperative For A Construction Project Manager To Do Prior To A Job

Things That Are Imperative For A Construction Project Manager To Do Prior To A JobPrior to a job, there are a few things that are imperative for a construction project manager to do. These jobs can make a construction job go very smooth if completed as expected. While it is true that construction project managers do have a lot of jobs (estimated to be 120 to be exact!), these five jobs that we will be discussing will be ones that need to be done before anything else is.

The very first thing the construction project manager needs to do is read the contract and understand it. If he or she does not understand it, there is not any sense in moving on. Every single detail of the contract will need to be understood. If you do not understand something, now is the time to ask questions. Or if you have concerns, speak up now. Goals and expectations should be clearly stated with the contract so you know them. This will ensure that you will be able to have your construction crew meet these goals and expectations as well. You should know what the KPIs are, and how they will be measured and tracked. It will be expected that you know what each job role and responsibility is. You should also know what the milestones are for the entire project.

The project manager also needs to understand the financial management portion. Many times there is a lack of funding. Or possibly, a delay. The construction project manager will need to find out if funds are available and what the arrangement for the funding will be for the entire project. They will also need to review the budget to see if it is realistic. And they need to make sure there are extras for some unexpected expenses.

A great construction manager will also make sure that the communication flow is on point. They will introduce everyone and get to know them in the first couple of days. The communication plan will be laid out, with a reporting schedule and meeting schedule. The project manager will also let everyone know how with communicate to each other, such as by text, phone, email, etc. They will stress that if there is a lack of communication, the entire project can fail.

A work execution plan will also need to be developed so the construction manager can use technology to their benefit. This plan will allow them to streamline all communication with others, collaborate with stakeholders during every construction stage, use human resource tools, upload photos and documents, sync comments, and so much more.

The construction project manager will also establish an equipment maintenance program prior to starting the project. This will not only decrease worker’s accidents and injuries but also reduce any downtime. It will also decrease maintenance cost in the long run. Repairs and servicing should be scheduled at off peak times. This will mean no interruptions on the job sites while maintenance is being performed.

Before the job even starts, the construction project manager should make sure that all construction workers have all the safety equipment needed to perform safely. This means all protective gear and fall protection, such as lanyards, harnesses, and hats. The equipment should be in working order, OSHA compliant, and fit each employee. If new safety equipment is needed, look at high-quality brands, such as Beam Runner. It is imperative that a construction project manager do these jobs prior to a construction job to ensure that everyone is safe and that the job runs as smoothly as possible.

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