This Is How Women Can Make A Career In The Construction Industry

How Women Can Make A Career In The Construction IndustryAccording to a report from the National Association of Women in Construction, just 9.1 per cent of the workers in the construction industry are women. But this is definitely not a surprise, considering that this is a field believed to be mostly for men…

Still, times have changed and a lot of women are now considering making a career in this male-dominated industry. How? By following a few core principles, perfect for strengthening their careers!

Standing out of the crowd is good!

No matter the project they are working for, women can bring a lot of qualities to it, qualities that a lot of men don’t actually possess. But how can you let everybody else know that you have them? Don’t be afraid to stand out!

Getting noticed gets you easily into conversations that let you pitch your construction company and proof them that it’s the best option they have. Ignore the fact that you’re surrounded by a lot of men and get in front. You will be appreciated for this. A lot.

Build partnerships

Partnering is essential for women who want to become real business leaders, in order to thrive in their construction career. According to insiders from this industry, women are not invited to the table as often as their male counterparts, especially in small companies. On the other side, if they start building partnerships with other businesses, they will be viewed as key members of any team, with the ability to help the business grow!

Never take things too personally

Since construction is a male-dominated field, women will have to deal with comments and questions that can really grate on their nerves. Still, the solution is to not allow those comments to change who they are as leaders and what they try to accomplish.

Ignore those things you don’t like hearing and your road to a successful career is clear.

Be confident in what you can do

There’s no doubt that you can become insecure when you’re the only woman in a team or at the table, but don’t forget that you made it this far for a reason! A woman in a leadership position – traditionally held by men – can shake up from the ground the entire construction industry!

“Disrupting cultural mindsets is a journey. In traditionally male-dominated industries it takes time to gain respect from customers, suppliers and colleagues,” said Lucia Furman, Mercantile Development, Inc president.

However, it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, as if you work in construction it’s mandatory to keep one thing in mind: safety is key. And the folks over at BeamRunner share the same core principle!

Proudly made in the United States, the BeamRunner is a personal anchoring device designed to be carried and installed by one person, with one hand. The patented “mechanical force multiplier” attaches to almost any structural steel in under 10 seconds, being used in conjunction with a worker’s fall arrest equipment and has one main purpose: make sure he or she is 100% safe.

Picture Credit: Pixabay

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