Top 3 Tips On Maintaining Construction Workers’ Safety During Summer

Top 3 Tips On Maintaining Construction Workers' Safety During SummerOne of the most important aspects, often ignored on job sites, is maintaining workers’ safety during the hot summer months. And to do this, understanding the risks this season comes with is also essential!

There are quite a few of them to which workers are exposed, which automatically means putting them in a risky situation. However, a first step to implementing a construction safety policy and assuring better working conditions is being aware of these risks. Therefore, let’s see which ones are the most common.

Avoid fatigue among workers

Most managers believe that fatigue is the same thing as feeling tired, but the truth is that it’s actually a form of impairment, affecting workers judgement and concentration, but also reaction times and motivation levels.

To avoid it, workers shouldn’t be working while directly exposed to the sun for longer periods, while breaks in shady areas are strongly recommended. Having access to fluids is also vital, while snacks able to help them replenish the lost amounts of sodium, due to sweating is also a great idea for any job site.

Less sun exposure, at all costs

Sun is one of the biggest ‘enemies’ of construction workers, especially during the summer. Therefore, a series of construction safety measures should be taken on job sites, in order to avoid direct exposure to intense UV rays.

The effects are well known – even increasing the risk of developing skin cancer – so workers should keep exposed skin covered for as long as possible. Wearing sunscreen is something we recommend, as well as checking those with fair skin for spots or unusual moles regularly.

Maintain hydration levels

As mentioned above, workers should have constant access to fluids, as failing to do this can lead to dehydration.

“Extreme heat and hard physical labor can increase the rate at which our bodies lose water, depleting our hydration levels and posing a health and safety risk,” warns Jessica Barett, construction safety specialist at Honeywell Industrial Safety.

Jobsite managers should make sure that enough hydrating fluids – especially water – should be available all the time and instruct workers to drink it regularly, at least 2 liters per day, to maintain proper hydration levels.

Additionally, electrolytic beverages, like Gatorade, can encourage more regular consumption, as they bring in a bit of taste.

To wrap it up, these are three of the most important construction safety measures that should be taken during the hot season. Ensuring they are properly implemented and workers are aware of them should lead to better conditions on the job site.

Of course, other measures should be taken as well, like wearing helmets, vests or even personal anchoring devices, for those who ‘deal’ with heights every day.

Beam Runner is one of the top solutions when it comes to personal anchoring tools, being designed to be carried and installed by one man, with one hand. Made in the UA, it features the patented mechanical force multiplier, which can penetrate carbon steel for a grip capable of resisting an impact force of 5,000 pounds.

Picture Credit: Josue Isai Ramos Figueroa

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