What is Beam Runner Fall Safety Protection

The Beam Runner Clamp is part of a positioning device system.  The Beam Runner Clamp is the newest technology in life saving fall safety protection.  Beam Runner is the most innovative Life Saving Fall Restraint that you can buy.

Fabricated in the United States of America.  The Beam Runner Company is owned and operated by the founder and inventor.  Each Life-Saving Fall Safety Protection device is fabricated and hand crafted to the highest standards.   Extensive engineering and precision craftsmanship has developed the Beam Runner fall safety clamping device.  Customized machinery was developed to manufacture the Beam Runner.   This machinery has only one purpose, to make Beam Runner clamping devices.  This ensures that the high quality of the first device is reproducible for every new device that is made.  These devices make safety compliance easier and reduce the risk of severe injury from falls.

Beam Runner easily clamps to many locations.  Pictured here is an attachment to a ship with Beam Runner in use for Fall Restraint during loading/offloading the cargo.

Fall Prevention and Fall Arrest Device

Why use Beam Runner

Beam Runner Clamps are the critical anchoring component that keeps workers tethered. This device enables attachment where snaphook carabiners cannot.  Beam Runner is designed to easily anchor climbers to smooth surfaces such as steel beams.  The clamps are compliant with OSHA 1926.502.

Implementation of Beam Runner for high elevation work makes the job site safer.  Users report that there is a noticeable increase to productivity after their jobsite began using Beam Runner.  Productivity increases because climber mobility improves.  The reason for more mobility is that the Beam Runner is installed with one hand while the climber is working.  This leaves the other hand available for balancing or carrying tools and supplies.  Similarly, the Beam Runner is removed with one hand and is easily repositioned at the next location.  This enables much more mobility for climbers to move about.  There is continuous fall safety protection.


How to purchase your Beam Runner

Beam Runner devices are ready to ship.  Purchase  your Beam Runner direct from Manufacturer.  Buy Beam Runner Here.

Once you start using Beam Runner you will wonder how you ever worked without one.  The Beam Runner clamp device is compatible with harnesses and lanyards that you have now.  The device complements your existing fall protection equipment.  Beam Runner is a must have safety tool for every industrial climber.  Buy your Beam Runner and get the newest technology in life saving fall safety protection.


Beam Runner is Newest Technology in Fall Safety Protection