Winter Safety: Six Construction Rules To Live By

Winter Safety: Six Construction Rules To Live ByWinter can be a very hazardous time for construction sites. It may be icy and temperatures can plummet at any time. The best way to avoid any accidents or mishaps is to review your construction site safety policy with all your employees on a frequent basis.

In this article, we will discuss the six construction site safety rules that you and your company should live by.

  1. The work site should be reviewed daily before any work starts by the supervisor. This will ensure that all areas are safe in order for the crew to work. They should look for trees that are down, power lines, ice, snowy areas, and other hazardous situations. All equipment used should also be inspected. Any area that is covered with ice or snow should be treated. If it is not able to be treated, the area should be roped off so workers do not have access to it.
  2. Proper gear must be worn at all times. In winter, boots, gloves, thick coats, and hats should be worn in order to protect skin from the elements. Wool socks can help keep the feet warm. Tell your employees to wear light layers of clothing that are breathable. Encourage your employees to keep a change of clothes with them at all times in case they get wet. Wet clothing in cold weather should be changed immediately to avoid further damage to the skin. You may also treat googles and eyeglasses with anti-fog sprays to prevent vision from being obstructed. Provide your workers with gloves that are heavy and durable, but are dexterous and waterproof.
  3. Limit exposure to cold weather. Some jobs are not able to be rescheduled, so if this is the case, provide warming workstations for your employees so they can take frequent breaks. Provide hot drinks, such as cocoa and coffee, so your workers can warm up. You may also consider shortening work shifts for your employees during winter weather.
  4. Keep your workers educated about cold weather. An important construction site safety policy is to inform any worker about the hazards of frostbite and hypothermia. Make sure your employees know the signs of these conditions so if they exhibit them, they can get the proper medical attention they need.
  5. Keep an eye on the forecast. It is important to know if weather conditions that are hazardous or treacherous to work in are on the radar.
  6. Keep emergency kits in all work vehicles. Each kit should have an ice scraper, a shovel, emergency flares, a backup cell phone battery, snacks that are non-perishable, and a blanket. You may also wish to have a container of kitty litter for traction.

It is very important to establish your construction site safety policy early on so all of your employees know and understand it. It is also a great idea to supply your employees with a device such as a Beam Runner in order to anchor themselves in dangerous and unsafe conditions.

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