The World’s Need For Construction Safety

The World's Need For Construction SafetyConstruction is one of if not the most dangerous occupation in the world. With giant skyscrapers and massive projects, it’s easy to get injured if one doesn’t work with the right safety protocols in place. The various countries and cultures around the world have sometimes different rules, different mindsets based on any number of reasons ranging from religion to just plain ignorance.

For the past 100 years, construction safety technologies and methods have improved in the developed countries but not so in the underdeveloped countries. This often leads to confusion when workers from different areas are hired and don’t know the technologies or methods, rules or regulations. It costs construction companies a good penny to re-train some workers and in some cases, irresponsible contractors don’t even care about construction safety, playing things by ear until something terrible happens and you end up in the middle of a lawsuit or worse.

Even in the United States, there’s a constant challenge to get workers and companies to apply sound construction safety methods and make sure workers are up to date with the fundamental equipment and methods. Because new materials and new inventions enter the construction industry every year, safety is constantly and updating issue. New equipment may minimize the dangers of old equipment but might offer a new safety protocol altogether. Workers who can’t read, illiterate are a constant danger. They may know how to lay brick like a champ, but if they can’t understand the difference between what’s toxic or dangerous from what isn’t, it’s only a matter of time before their handicap leads to an accident, injury, or worse.

The solution to all this is education and communication. Across the globe, modern construction safety has to be taught even in areas that still use traditional or antiquated techniques. There’s something to be said about any successful construction job, and even people in the jungles who still build mud huts can offer some safety tips but they’ll not need to know how to drive a bulldozer. It’s all a matter of common sense and going with the proven methods that lead to safe and secure construction safety.

Common sense standard things all apply here no matter where one does construction. First of all, is knowing your job and the tools involved. Having a boss and management that has prepared the work area and assignment and thoroughly gone over it is important. The tools should be in perfect operating condition whether it’s a hammer or a drill. Each worker knows their place and their regimen to a “T” and there’s no room for ‘know it all’ innovation.

Follow the game plan is the advice most prominent. Accessing areas using ladders and such should be well drilled. The use of materials that may be dangerous must be handled by certified professionals and used according to the instructions. Wires, power lines must be secured and out of the way of football. Blasting music from boom boxes or listening to music on one’s devices is a no-no. This is construction, not a party.

Showing up for work ill or on alcohol, drugs, or pharmaceuticals that impair judgment, sight, vision, should be prohibited. They slow the perception and reflexes and when working with heavy materials or dangerous materials it leads to the high probability of accident not only to oneself but others.

The bottom line here is that there are rules and regulations no matter where you do construction and being irresponsible is not an option.

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